The power of optimism

        I'm sure we have all had moments when we thought our situation just couldn't get any worse. You feel like you should be happy, but you just can't help but go deeper into the feeling of misery. I've seen way too many inspirational quotes and posts that tell you to be "happy", when sometimes it just won't happen. Whenever I am feeling down or uneasy, I remind myself that it is okay to feel. Being a human is just way too complex to be happy all the time. We have feelings for a reason, and it's good to acknowledge them, and move forward. After all, if we didn't go through difficult times, we wouldn't be able to appreciate good days and moments that bring us joy. Platforms like social media tend to put out the polished version of people's lives, and it's important to remember that no one leads a perfect life.
      Something that I've been making an effort to do more often is expressing gratitude, especially when I am beginning to think negatively. Trust me, I have those moments where I don't want to even think about the positives, because it seems like the negatives outweigh them, but that is not the case. Problems will come and go, but life is ever flowing and they will eventually be solved, so why not spend a just a little more time focusing on what you are grateful for. Optimism is not forcing happiness upon yourself, but being able to accept the hardships and understand that better times are coming. I know it's easier said than done, but it is definitely worth the effort.

- much love, Suzan J

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