My Favorite Superfoods

If you know me, you know that I cannot live without my superfoods. I feel like they are the perfect way to get in extra nutrients into my meals, and support an overall healthy lifestyle. You may think they are on the pricier side, but at places like Trader Joe's, you can buy them for a pretty reasonable price. I figured I would show you some of my favorites, and an easy way to incorporate them into your diet.

Maca Powder - Trader Joe's

Chia Seeds - Trader Joe's

Pitted Dates - Local Supermarket
I like to mix the maca powder into my oatmeal in the morning, and sprinkle chia seeds on top. I also chop up some dates for extra sweetness. Maca comes from an adaptogenic root, and is amazing for hormone balance, fiber, and calcium. Chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants, and are so easy to throw on top of anything. Dates taste like straight candy, while being high in fiber and antioxidants. A breakfast like this one gives me plenty of plant based power to start my day.

I highly recommend giving this a try!
Thanks for reading!
- much love, Suzan J

Being Honest With Yourself

        One of my favorite quotes is "See it for what it is, not what you want it to be." I feel like I have gained a new understanding of this topic recently, and it really surprises me how I never applied this in my life the way I do now. It's kind of a coping mechanism we use as humans, where we want to believe in the very best, and we are even willing to lie to ourselves to see a situation in another light. The only problem is, though, that you cannot make progress while hiding from your true emotions and opinions. If you can't bring yourself to acknowledge a problem, there is no possible way to fix it. I've always preached self awareness, but I never noticed that I was pushing certain things away, and mindlessly justifying things that were not bringing me happiness. I never put this in my yearly goals, and I never even thought about it until recently, but I am going to be 100% honest with myself from now on.

         Letting things go on for too long is dangerously easy when you never address a situation. That is, address it with yourself. Never tip toe around the truth, if you feel something taking away your happiness, because you probably are exactly aware of what it is, if you look deep down. Certain roads do truly lead to nowhere, even if it seems like the most wild concept that could never be possible. It's a hard pill to swallow, but if you wouldn't lie to others, then why would you lie to yourself?

Thanks so much for reading.
- much love, Suzan J
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