How To Get It Together- Now!

     I think we all want to be productive, always putting our best foot forward. It's all about what you are doing now! Whatever you are trying to achieve, or whatever you are trying to stay "on track" for, is almost entirely habitual. This goes for school, work, eating healthy, exercising, etc. If you want to better yourself, you must take immediate action- not wait until tomorrow or the day after. I wanted to share with you a few different ways you can easily transform your daily life, be transparent with yourself about your goals, and work towards greatness!

1) Write things down - Goals, ideas, thoughts; put it on paper and hold yourself accountable! Ever since I read Think and Grow Rich, I have never underestimated the significance of physically writing something down and keeping it nearby. You would be surprised what that can do.

2) Analyze your habits - Think about whether doing something supports the life you are trying to live. If your everyday actions do not add up to the bigger picture, you will never get to experience the bigger picture! Some things may even be deep in your subconscious mind, so be mindful and aware of the everyday choices you make.

3) Take care of yourself - That goes for both mind and body. Health should always be a priority, considering it is all you really have at the end of the day. It is hard to be productive when you are neglecting your wellbeing.

4) Patience - Patience, patience, patience, and more patience. Things do. not. happen. overnight. Social media makes it seem like everyone around you is magically successful, but there is blood, sweat, and tears behind every person's story. Instead of worrying about how you are at a different place than someone else, start putting in that blood, sweat, and tears into your own craft. It may take more time than you expect, but effort, hard work, and consistency will never let you down.

5) Enjoy life - In between all of the hustling, don't forget the 24 hours in a day that you are gifted with. "A happy heart is a magnet for miracles"- and I don't even like sappy quotes. But it's true. You are reading this, you are breathing, and that is enough to be thankful for.

I hope this can help someone.
Thanks for reading!
- much love, Suzan J
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