Yes, Go For It

Take a minute to give yourself credit for how far you have come. 
It's just so interesting to feel your character changing, the best way I can describe it is just becoming a more seasoned human being. It's what keeps me going, I just want to see what is in store. 
If there is a deep desire I feel for something, I don't ignore it. I think a lot of people give up on their greatest aspirations, when they still have so much potential. Everything that happens, happens for a reason regardless, and if you can be consistent and put your best foot forward, you'll know you tried your hardest even if the outcome is different than what you expected.
Dang, people need to start falling in love with the unknown a little more. You can:A) hold yourself back by creating an illusion of safety / stability / comfort zoneor B) Listen to the voice in your head and let it blossom into something beautiful !When we decide to learn about something, we open up a book not knowing what the contents ar…