Reflecting as we head into fall

Hello everyone!
First off, happy fall! Everyday, it's becoming more evident that the days are getting shorter and autumn is upon us. I have also been forcing fall into my life for the past month by drinking Pumpkin Spice lattés every other day. I have recently been thinking a lot about what defines the quality of a person. Material things, along with personal achievements, can be taken away from ones life in a matter of seconds. I think it's important to remember that your true worth comes from how you treat others. Anything that fills up your ego can truly leave your life, and leave you feeling empty inside if that is the only foundation of your confidence.How far you go in life revolves around how you can communicate and deal with others. Additionally, I value humility so very much, and I think it is valuable to know when to be modest. 
With that being said, I wish everyone an amazing fall season, and thank you for stopping by!

Thanks for reading!- much love, Suzan J