You are a star, stop playing and give yourself some grace. Don’t cringe at how cliche this sounds, but it just seems to be true that when you love someone for who they are, you help them grow. You are saying “I accept you as you are”, so the other can feel at peace and be encouraged to keep trying in life. When you are constantly trying to change someone, you are inflicting anxiety upon them, causing them to be frustrated and even worse - not accepted.  In life there are many parallels, and I find this also applying to my relationship with myself. I try to give my true self (or inner child, whatever we want to call her), the opportunity to have a presence in my mind and decision making. I feel that over the years I have come full circle and only gained courage to be my true self. Hard to explain, but I know when I am being myself, vs. starting to go down a rabbit hole of what my mom and 5 different aunties told me I should be years ago. These people don’t even know me very well, like i