10 Things To Remind Yourself Daily

1. The most important lessons are uncomfortable in the moment.
2. Life is not that serious, and we are here to enjoy it. Overthinking something can cause you to make irrational assumptions.
3. Small things add up. There is no substitute for consistency. Every step towards your goal will lead you to achieve it.
4. Nothing is more valuable than loving what you do. Stress is often times a result of trying to fit someone else's mold. 
5. Instead of aspiring towards immediate mastery of whatever you are doing, fall in love with the process.
6. Every new day is a gift. Waking up is a blessing.
7. Do not waste your time making others understand you. As long as you are transparent with yourself, people are just going to have their own perspectives, and that's okay.
8. Push yourself a little harder. Hold that plank for longer, run the extra ten minutes.
9. Embrace the unknown. Leave behind what seems safe and secure, as this is the only way to find new opportunities and possibilities. That is …