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How To Fall In Love With Working Out

I feel like work outs get a weird reputation. Some people go to the gym everyday, getting their reps in religiously, while many people have grown to despise it and don't think working out is for them. I feel like I am kind of in the middle, where I need to keep myself motivated by always switching up how I exercise. Ultimately, I wanted to write this post to shine a new light on working out. I honestly prefer to call it exercise, because you don't have to hit the gym for your daily exercise to be valid.

Earlier in the year, I really caught myself at a sluggish point. I kept on attending my weekly dance classes, but that was probably the only form of physical activity I got. Maybe it was stress from school, or just the freezing weather, but the idea of working out just never sounded appealing. Occasionally I got myself on the treadmill, and somewhat kept up with my ab routine, but I was not being consistent enough for any major progress. I'm happy I was not hard on myself, …

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