Why I'm Never Stressed

There are plenty of situations in life that are less than ideal. Some things may be harder than you expected, and things may not go as you were anticipating. I have been thinking a lot about what gets me through stress inducing situations, and I owe it all to having faith in God's plan.
There have been things in my life that have distanced me from my faith at certain moments, and those moments correlate with very anxious and unfulfilled parts of my life. I felt like my prayers were becoming meaningless when I was trying to manifest or affirm, whatever it was, the next second. I may have felt like it was working, but in all reality God was blessing me and I could not acknowledge it, since I was so wrapped up in the idea of bringing the things I wanted to happen into fruition. Being completely candid on here, I had to surrender to God for real. 
I fully believe that God has a plan for me, that is beyond my understanding. I do not need others to always understand me. Life is difficult…