Throw Yourself Into Things and Gain Wisdom!

Hello everyone!

I truly hope you are having an amazing fall filled with all of the autumnal goods Trader Joe's sells and pumpkin spice your palette can handle. With the new season, I've encountered plenty of new experiences, which inspired me to write this post. All in all, the one message I want to communicate to you today is to not let an intimidating opportunity lead you to turn it down. Embarking on something new does not necessarily require thorough preparation. You are so strong, and you are so capable of learning! Lessons come with experience and there is no substitute for experience.

You are going to make mistakes, and through that you are going to gain the wisdom of those whom you look up to. Remember that everyone acts like they have it all figured out but no one really does entirely. Allow yourself to be a beginner, for this stage cannot be avoided.

When I was put into situations I had never been in, with no other option but then to get the job done, I learned the most, and it stayed in my mind!

Something else I wanted to mention was to be kind to yourself when things do not go as planned. Why? Because we have a small amount of things we can control and the rest we cannot. Over the course of time, I have picked up the habit of reminding myself that the most uncomfortable experiences usually come with the most insight. If a day starts going opposite as to how I planned it, I understand that it was meant to be that way.

If a situation poses you difficulty, get the job done and brush it off like nothing happened. That is how you keep going - gain experience - gain wisdom.

Thanks for reading!
- much love, Suzan J
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