A Guide to New Years Resolutions

The time of the year has come, where everyone reflects on the past year, and how to make the next one even better. Setting out resolutions for yourself may be simple, but making sure they are actually effective is where many people struggle. I put together a few tips that you can keep in mind, in order to make sure you actually pull through with your goals.

1) Start small and specific - If you make your goals too general, you will most likely feel overwhelmed and not know where to start working. If you make smaller goals and achieve them, you can work your way up, and you will have made so much progress when you look back.

2) Remember that achieving something new requires feeling uncomfortable and stepping out of your comfort zone - When things get too unfamiliar or "big", people tend to start giving up. It is crucial to remember that change is not always easy, and may include an uncomfortable phase before you reach your aspiration. Whatever you do, work through it, and don't give up on something you want so badly!

3) Think about the actions, people, and places that took away from your happiness in the past year - If you are unsure about what resolutions to make, consider changing anything that kept you from living your best life.

4) Don't forget you can alter them as you go along - Remember that nothing is set in stone, and you can change or add to your goals throughout the year.

5) Keep them personal! - Just based on my perspective, I have found that announcing your goals offers too much room for other people's opinions, and it can really affect the outcome. There is no need to share your goals, unless you want to.

I hope these tips are helpful, and that you get what you want out of 2019!
- much love, Suzan J

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