How To Be Confident For Real - Volume 2

Reading my previous blog posts has me all sentimental so here I am!

Two years ago, I made a post about confidence, and it's cool to see how my perspective has changed, and stayed the same in some ways. Suddenly I'm seventeen and I feel like this seasoned woman - time flies by rapidly, but at the same time certain memories feel a lifetime away. I honestly can't believe there was a time where I was trying to be someone I wasn't, trying to be some type of carbon copy just to get some validation. My start, or my childhood years, were pretty carefree. And that's usually how it is until society takes ahold of you and makes you desperate to fit in for a sec.

Confidence has many layers when you try to explain it, but it's quite simple. It's just: I'm here, this is me, that's all. And staying solid in that belief.

When you realize you are you and that is literally it, you are unshakable.

I agree with the things I wrote two years ago, but there is definitely much more that I have discovered. One thing being embracing that I'm a human and dealing with my insecurities in a healthy way. By a "healthy way" I mean acknowledging my temporary issue and moving forward. Confidence isn't feeling perfect - it's being at peace with yourself. I pray for peace. It is truly my goal in life above all. I used to think truly confident people feel stunning all of the time. And then I learned that those I would not even suspect to, struggle on the inside. We are all people, and life is a constant journey of problem solving. With a clear mind, I am happy, and that is why I try my hardest to not let my minuscule insecurities take away from my peace.

Confidence and insecurities kind of go hand in hand. What I have learned is that insecurities come and go, and that is the only attention they deserve in my life. Think about how much a selfish little "flaw" matters in the grand scheme of things. We don't even know our real size. We are here to enjoy life and help others do the same. It starts with ourselves, and our inner peace.

When you accept yourself, and vow to always put out the best you can, what other people think of you loses importance. Being whole within yourself is essentially what confidence is.

Thank youuuu for reading!!

Stay safe ♥

- much love, Suzan J


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