Listen To Yourself!

Your intuition carries you through life, and it's time to listen to it.

I'm pretty sure we all came out of the womb confident and having unconditional trust in our own being. However, sometimes the noise of the world can become overwhelming and make us lose touch with ourselves. Opinions, comparison, negativity, fad diets, unrealistic expectations - you name it, you probably have easy access to it whether you choose to or not. It's so important to remember that you do have yourself, and your intuition will never let you down. Therefore, tuning out the noise is more than possible. 

You know what you want, and you always did. Someone might have told you a goal is "unrealistic" or to do things a certain way, but you know exactly what you want. You know exactly where you want to end up, you know when you don't feel comfortable in a situation, and you know exactly what you want to eat for dinner. All you have to do is listen to yourself. Living intuitively is living in harmony with your unique being. You are not living life to the fullest if you are devoting your time and energy to make someone else happy. The worst thing is losing touch with yourself and being on a lifeless autopilot. Live your complete truth, as it is a significant part of living a happy and fulfilled life. 

Thanks for reading!
- much love, Suzan J

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