Inspiration is Everywhere

   I know exactly what it is like to be in a creative slump. I'm literally writing to you as I am in a creative slump. Sometimes we just have moments where we don't feel inspired. However, I have figured out different ways to get back on track, and one of them is focusing on the simple things. Nature is the fundaments of life, and has so much inspiration in itself. Taking a walk or sitting down and observing the world around you can make some brilliant ideas pop into your head. I try to take a walk at least every other day, and pay attention to my surroundings. Not only does this make me feel refreshed, but it also makes me more grounded. It's interesting what you can notice when you aren't staring into a screen.

Thanks for reading.
- much love, Suzan J


  1. Yes so true! You can find inspiration everywhere if you just look. You look beautiful. Have a wonderful week!


    1. Thank you! Have an amazing week as well <3


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