Who am I? - the question we can't seem to answer

     In today's society, we are on an endless endeavor to find "who we truly are". Some have it figured out from the start, and some stay waiting for their epiphany, when everything is supposed to start making sense. What if we already know who we are? What if the best version of ourselves is already in us, and always has been? This is something that I have grown to be a firm believer of. Everyday, we are faced with judgement and criticism that can be a major setback for achieving what we want. Many setbacks are illusions we create for ourselves, thinking that we can't possibly be able to achieve what we truly want. We are so harsh on ourselves and automatically say no to so many ideas, then wonder why we aren't living up to our full potential. Of course different experiences shape us, but is it true that you aren't yourself until you decide upon that one day? We know who we are, even if outside factors challenge that, we do know deep down. We are everything that's in us at this second, no matter what boundaries there are in our way. There is a world of opportunities that is ready for us whenever we understand that we are enough at the current moment.


Thanks for reading!
- much love, Suzan J

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