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            Everyday you have plenty of things that are out of your control and one thing that you are in full control of: yourself. One of my favorite quotes is "Attitude is everything", because it truly is. Every single day, we are bombarded with the polished versions of people's lives on social media, making us think that we are not good enough. Throughout the past year or so, I was stuck in a slump of comparing myself to just about anyone I saw. I would scroll through my feed and see a bunch of people my age doing huge things with their lives, making me feel like I was doing something wrong. One day, I came to the realization that comparison really is the thief of joy, and everyone is going to have a different journey. The only life I have is mine, and I am going to savor and appreciate every second. I feel like we often make life much more complicated than it is, and put out this message that you have to "hustle" every moment of your life and any time you spend not hustling is a waste. Working hard is definitely the way to go, but embracing the time in between projects and chapters is equally as important. Enjoy the confusion and take in every single moment. You aren't always going to have a detailed plan of your future and that is more than okay. Have high standards but low expectations. Focus on the present moment.
- much love, Suzan J

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