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10 Habits For A Better You

I think the most significant conclusion that I have come to this year has been that I really just want to live my best life. As cliche as it sounds, putting meaningless issues aside, and focusing on yourself can make you feel so much better on a daily basis. I wanted to share some tips on how to be the best possible version of yourself.

1) Express Gratitude - A common misconception on being grateful is that you have to settle, or not want anything more from life. Contrarily, gratitude is about appreciating the things you do already have, and not taking anything for granted. Just a few minutes thinking about what you are thankful for can transform your outlook.

2) Exercise Regularly - As humans, staying active is essential. Just 30 minutes of exercise can make you feel so much better. Hitting the gym isn't necessary, just figure out what you like and do it.

3) Eat mindfully - We have full control over what we put in our bodies, so fueling yourself with nutritionally dense fo…

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