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Looking At Self Doubt From the Right Perspective

Self doubt is usually something we are taught to avoid, but as long as there are other people on this planet, our minds are going to naturally drift towards comparing ourselves to others. It's common to see someone successful and think about whether or not you could possibly get to their level. This is a very toxic mindset, and not redirecting those thoughts can be very limiting for achieving certain goals. I like to remind myself that there is enough success in this world to be passed around to everyone that strives for it. No one can limit you, period. Doing anything with bad intentions or jealousy isn't necessary. Whenever I begin doubting myself, I just think about my reason and what I actually want from an experience. I know I am most likely going to doubt myself here and there, but flipping around those moments to build myself is what I am going to continue doing. Sometimes there are certain qualities from someone that we envy, but instead of thinking you can ne…

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